Chittoor - Esteemed to get a Sainik School

Kalikiri in Chittoor is privileged to get the second Sainik school in Andhra Pradesh( Andhra stands next to Karnataka in being allocated a second Sainik School).The first Sainik School in Andhra is at Korukonda in Vizianagaram district (which is the seventh sainik school in the country).

The Kalikiri Sainik School is assumed to occupy an enormous area of nearly 50-acres which would cost approximately 50 crores and is estimated to accommodate 150 cadets/staff.


Korukonda Sainik School
1)The Sainik Schools are a system of schools in India established and managed by the Sainik Schools Society. The Sainik Schools Society is an organization under the Ministry of Defence. It's board of governors is chaired by the Minister of Defence.
2)There are over 24 such schools covering all the states of the country.
3)Kalikiri, one of the villages in chittoor has got another speciality of being the native place of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh - Mr. Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy.
4)For more details about Korukonda Sainik School refer the link

As a matter of fact, Chittoor is supposed to be one of largest contributors of young men to the country's defence, which could have been a reason to select Chittoor for the second Sainik School in the state.

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RAMESH J said...

In fact, Andhra Pradesh would be the fourth such state to have two Sainik Schools in one state. The other three states are Bihar, Karnataka and Haryana.